Market Prospection

  • Market trends: We identify current market, medium- and long-term trends for products and services
  • Competitive environment: We identify market players, their strategies, client segment and their key financial results
  • Price positioning: Based on your pricing analysis we recommend the most cost-effective way to penetrate the market
  • Prospection for M&A: Identification of potential acquisition targets and in-dept analysis of identified prospects

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  • We work together with legal and tax advisors to recommend you how to channel your investment
  • We help you to find the best talent to meet your human resources requirements, working alongside small headhunting firms
  • We work alongside your local legal firms to ensure the best outcome on your contractual negotiations
  • We can bring along our expertise working with multilateral organizations to deploy funding for your projects
  • We can structure solutions for requirements such as local performance bonds and rental guarantees

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Other Services
We can offer tailor-made services according to your needs. By doing this we can support your local or international teams executing specific projects. We bring along timely and professional execution, presence in Latam and Europe and a network of experts to solve your specific needs without the need to increase your headcount.
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