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Lina Usuga

Lina has an international career and brings with her 13 years working in emerging economies. In ABN AMRO/ RBS and Standard Bank Lina worked in first class innovative debt products in countries such as Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia, Dominican Republic, Nigeria and Ghana. From airport financing in Istanbul, mining in Dominican Republic and oil financing in Nigeria she understands that each country is different and working alongside local partners is important for the business.

She led the equity investment of the International Finance Corporation – World Bank in Acalis, a leading provider of elderly care in Latin America and structured the real estate deals for the first operation of Acalis in Medellin and Bogota.

She divides her time between Belgium and Colombia. She holds a Master degree in finance from Vlerick Management School and is an industrial engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Since 2016 she is an investor of one of a leading fintechs in Colombia, Rapicredit, and plays and active role in the fundraising activities for the business and the development of new partnerships

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